Freestanding Pellet Stoves

Natural warmth, automated convenience

Freestanding pellet stoves
can be installed in many rooms in your home, and do not require the extensive chimney systems that woodburning appliances do. We carry models that will heat from a small room to large areas.

Pellet stoves are particularly well suited for rural areas without easy access to wood, and as an economic alternative to propane or electric heat. You do need electricity to operate a pellet stove.

Our Selection of Pellet Burning Stoves:
Decades of experience have convinced us that Lopi makes the finest pellet stoves available on the market today. Lopi pellet stoves are designed and hand-assembled in their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Mukilteo, Washington. With 30+ years of experience manufacturing innovative hearth products, Lopi has earned a reputation making the most reliable stoves in the industry. Why? Simply put, Lopi refuses to cut corners. They use only the highest quality materials, heavy-duty steel, and high-tech tested components. To learn more about what makes Lopi pellet stoves the standard setter in the industry, please click on the below video. 

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Lopi Pellet Stoves Overview Video:

Lopi Pellet Stove Consumer Video from Travis Industries on Vimeo.

Why Buy a Lopi Pellet Stove?

Hopper Capacity

Fueling your Lopi pellet stove or insert has never been easier. The entire top of the stove or insert lifts up to allow access to the hopper. When full, your pellet stove will provide you with many hours of uninterrupted heating. The large capacity of the freestanding stoves also means you don't have to wait until the hopper is empty before refueling with a full bag of pellets.

Easy Access

All Lopi pellet appliances are designed for easy maintenance. The swing-out door allows quick access to the firebox for cleaning and yearly maintenance.

Huge Ash Pan

Designed as part of the pedestal on the stoves, the huge ash pan allows for significantly greater time between ash removal. A simple handle above the ash pan allows accumulated ashes to be removed from the firebox without opening the door. The inserts are equipped with an easy pull out ash pan located beneath the door.

Automatic Operation
Operate your pellet appliance automatically. Add a wall thermostat or remote control thermostat for the ultimate in hands-free operation. You simply set the thermostat to the desired temperature and the pellet stove will do the rest. The wall thermostat is standard on all Yankee models.

If you choose to operate your pellet stove manually, simply set the feed rates and push the start button to activate the auto igniter. Within minutes your pellet stove is in full operation.

Clean Burning & Efficient
Pellets are an 100% natural, renewable fuel.  They are held together by lignin, which is a natural substance occuring in wood fibers that acts as a glue when compressed. It's so safe, it's also used as a binding agent in animal feed pellets.

Pellet fuel has been proven to be the cleanest burning type of wood fuel you can use. The U.S. EPA wood burning limit of particulates is 7.5 grams per hour - but Lopi pellet stoves only exhaust 1.2 grams per hour! This is truly a fuel source as good for the environment as it is for you.

How Lopi Pellet Stoves Work
  Pellet fuel is loaded into the hopper.
2.  You set the state-of-the-art modular circuit board to manual or automatic mode.

3.  The heavy-duty auger feeds precise amounts of fuel from the hopper into the firepot.
4.  Pellets fall into the stainless steel firepot where the automatic igniter starts the pellet fuel on fire within approximately 7 minutes for reliable, hands free operation.
5.  High pressure air is pulled into the base of the firepot from the quiet combustion fan and forced through burning pellets. The variable speed control automatically adjusts the fan up or down in conjunction with the feed rate. The process achieves almost complete combustion of the fuel (over 95%) and allows the greatest amount of heat value to be transferred into your home.  The pellet fuel, when burned, leaves only residual ash.
6.  The super-heated air is next drawn through a series of heat exchange tubes along the top of the firebox. Combined with the heat exchange plenum at the rear of the firebox, heat is pulled out of the fire and transferred into your home.
7.  A super quiet, variable speed convection fan (130 CFM on compact and 165 CFM on large models) draws in the cool room air and pulls it around the heat exchange system. This transfers the heat from the appliance and delivers hot air directly into your home.