Understanding Venting

And how it affects the fireplace you chooseFireplace vents

Every fuel-burning fireplace or stove must be vented to the outside of your home. This is a critical yet often overlooked element when purchasing a heating device. The correct materials and proper installation are essential, or the safety of your home and family is at risk. Improper venting can result in fires, poor air quality in your home, or even deadly carbon monoxide buildup.

Gas fireplaces and freestanding stoves, along with pellet inserts and stoves, require "venting." There are several different types of venting material designs, which must be tailored to the fireplace you choose and to where it will be installed. There are many options available when venting these types of devices, which makes them easy to install virtually anywhere in your home.

Woodburning products are more demanding and present fewer options for installation. They require more substantial chimney systems. A freestanding wood stove, for example, requires Class A chimney from the first penetration of a combustible to its termination, to eliminate the risk of fire and to minimize creosote buildup.

Fireplace inserts can utilize an existing traditional chimney, but for safety and efficiency we will use a "liner kit" within the chimney; aluminum in the case of gas inserts, stainless steel with pellet and woodburning inserts.

Most high quality modern venting systems are designed to draw the air needed to operate from outside your home, not from inside as old-fashioned fireplaces and stoves did. This means absolutely no change in air quality within your home and no risk of carbon monoxide buildup.

We stock virtually every type of venting system, and we know exactly what is appropriate for the fireplace or stove you choose. We carry the highest quality, proven products from respected manufacturers like Simpson Dura-Vent.

Your venting system represents a small fraction of the overall cost of your fireplace or stove, but it is critical to its safe and efficient operation. Unfortunately, this is an area many discount stores and cut-rate retailers ignore. We will not allow you to ignore anything that affects your safety and getting the most from your purchase.