Metal Box or Ceramic Box?

Modern gas fireplace construction offers optionsHeatnGlow.gif

Heat & Glo has created Exclusive Firebrick Technology—a patented casting process using ceramic as the "box" (the inside liner) of many of their gas fireplace and fireplace inserts. While traditional metal boxes work fine, and are necessary in many fireplaces and stoves, Heat & Glo's Firebrick ceramic boxes have created a vast range of design and decorating options for your home.
We are one of the nation's largest dealers of innovative Heat & Glo products, and you will find a large variety on display in our showrooms.

The advantages of Firebrick ceramic boxes include:

  • Seamless, natural appearance looks like real brick; no black sheet metal inside
  • Ceramic is highly heat reflective, eliminating the need for a fan, electrical cords, and the noise a fan generates
  •  25% more heat from the same amount of fuel (comparing fireplaces of equal size and BTU output)
  • Their insulating factor forces heat into the room and keeps cold air outside
  • Impervious to rust and oxidation (water is a byproduct of burning gas)
  • No expansion and contraction noise as the box heats and cools
  • Aesthetically pleasing, with the largest viewing area possible

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